The tattooing of the nipple areola is the finishing touch to the breast reconstruction. It is a medical tattoo with an aesthetic touch. Creating the most realistic, natural areolas and 3 dimensional nipples as possible, I'm honored and humbled to be a part of each woman's journey to regain restore her femininity and regain confidence after enduring so much.

Restorative tattooing for breast reconstruction patients and breast conditions requiring areola pigment or asymmetry correction and permanent make up services to enhance your existing natural beauty. Permanent makeup can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons, convenient and restorative as well.

Medical tattooing for the breast or nipple areola micropigmentation, can be used in the following:

-In breast reconstruction patients after a mastectomy, to recreate a natural and realistic appearing nipple areola complex.  This can be done over a nipple reconstruction or without using 3D tattooing technique .

-After other breast procedures, such as breast reduction, where the pigment has been lost or to achieve areola symmetry.

-To darken light areola pigment per client preference. 


After your surgeon has rebuilt your breast, the tattoo is the finishing step of the reconstruction. It restores a feminine appearance to the breast If you chose to have a nipple reconstruction procedure, the color is applied to the nipple and surrounding skin to create natural looking areola. If you chose to avoid additional surgery or have found your previously created nipple has flattened out and is no longer dimensional, then a 3D tattoo is a great option. This type of tattoo is essentially a portrait tattoo of a nipple.  It requires a 3 dimensional illusion to be created on a 2 dimensional surface.  With specialized training, I am able to create a realistic, natural looking nipple and areola using light and shadowing techniques.

Please schedule a Permanent Makeup Consultation to discuss further questions & pricing. This can be a phone consultation or in person.

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