Lip Blushing permanent makeup technique involves the insertion of ink into the skin of the lips to create a fuller, more defined lip that still looks extremely natural. The outcome is a tinted lip color of your choices that enhances your natural shape, but that can be undetectable by other people. Most people would assume you just have luscious, hydrated, and youthful looking lips! Because Lip Blush is technically a tattoo that will be on your face for a while, so it is important that you understand exactly how the process works and what it consists of. 

How is it done?

By using a tattoo machine with a tiny pen like needle, I gently insert pixels of pigment Ito the lips to slowly build a nice, natural lip color. This procedure is completed in 2-3 sessions depending on the person in order to build the color gradually so we have full control over how bold you want your lips to be. Immediately after the procedure your lips will be swollen (some people like the swelling as it feels like they got some lip filler) Haha! They will also look like a pretty lip stick color for a few days. Within the next week, you will notice the color significantly fade out about 50% lighter within the week. Healing is extremely easy, typically 4-5 days of tight, chapped lips that we will consistently keep hydrated with Aquaphor. We will bring you back for your 2nd procedure about 4-6 weeks later for another session.

Who is a good candidate for Lip Blushing?

Anyone that wants to create a fuller, more youthful appearance. Also people who tend to apply a lip color on a daily basis. Why wouldn't you want a permanent, natural looking color tattooed on your lips? Also those who have lips that look pretty much the same color as their skin, and those who have white spots on their lips (this is very common for those of you who suffer from cold sores)

Lip filler can be extremely expensive and also doesn't last very long for some people. Lip Blush will result in a similar look that lasts even longer! Like, double time longer :) However, some people choose to do both Lip Fillers and Lip Blush. Filler will give them the bigger lips and blush will build that definition and color that filler cannot! 

Who is NOT a candidate for Lip Blushing:

Those of you who do have a history of cold sores MUST get an antiviral prescription

from their doctor (scubas valtrex) before your appointment as cold sore outbreaks are very common post procedure.

-People with darker lips or dark brown spots

-People who have had any Lip Filler must wait at least 4 weeks to have Lip Blush.

-People who have used Accutane must wait 1 year.

-People with Auto-immune deficiencies may not heal as well.

-Pregnanet or nursing women.

-Anyone with blood disorders or on blood thinners.

-People with TOO MUCH Lip Filler may not be a candidate, as it is hard for me, the artist,

to distinguish where that natural lip begins and ends.

How much does it cost?

$600 - Payment can be split up $400 at 1st procedure, $100 at touch ups

This includes 3 sessions, which is typically the recommended amount of sessions for desired lip color and fullness.